Quick Giveaway

The winners have been announced! No need to comment on this post anymore, but we would still love to have you follow the blog’s RSS feed, like us on Facebook, and join our Flickr group. Who knows, maybe we will announce something similar one day…

This Friday (December 17, 2010) we are going to give away software to three random friends. All you have to do is like us on Facebook, join our Flickr group, or post a comment to this blog article (the one you are reading now). On Friday we will pick a random person from each of these three pools. If you are chosen then you can pick one of our products, yes even the Photo Bundle.

If you need help deciding which of our products you completely love then stop by our site where we have loads of images, video, and info. Our latest big improvements have been to Bokeh and Exposure. If you are in the middle of a holiday graphic design project, then maybe you need Eye Candy. I used it to make this frosty logo!

Alien Skin Software logo with winter effects from Eye Candy

The blog comment can be as simple as “howdy”. We just need the name and e-mail address parts filled out so we can reach you. Just don’t be offensive or link to web sites that are selling something.

About Jeff

Jeff Butterworth is the founder of Alien Skin Software. He used to create the products, but now he does marketing and gets coffee for the programmers.
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400 Responses to Quick Giveaway

  1. Scott O. says:

    Oh pick me…pretty please! What a great Chrstmas gift that would be!

    • Amy Green says:

      I am a avid user of this product i own PSP 7,8,9, and PS cs3 and my favorite is EYECandy for the Snow effect . It would be nice to get a free product but the product is worth every penny I have ever spent…
      Keep up the GOOD work who ever is doing all the hard work……

    • Curt Oxford says:

      I love Alien Skin software. It is the software I use to make my designs stand out.

    • Kevin O connor says:

      I used to have Eye Candy many years ago now i live in Thailand I can’t do a decent job of designing my own logo’s I’d really like a new copy!

  2. jan husak says:

    howdy :)

  3. Eric Roseberry says:

    Posted cause I’d love to win!

  4. Tammy says:

    howdy! And Happy Holidays to you, too! Can’t believe i was the first commenter!

  5. Fred Faerber says:

    I own most of the AlienSkin products and have never been disappointed with the quality and advertised performance.

  6. J. F. Herrera says:

    Nice. This is a great holiday gift idea.

  7. Great… wouldn’t mind an early christmas present!

  8. andrew marx says:

    We’d love a copy to add to BlowUp – better images all around!

  9. Bryan says:

    This is fantastic!!

  10. I love being a winner, I just wish I could be one more ofter (or ever). Good luck all.

  11. shaz says:

    Seasons Greetings to you too! Thank you for this awesome gesture!

  12. Pablo Lara H says:

    Great. Count me in!

  13. Sven says:

    C’mon, pick a Canuck! You know you wanna!

  14. Love Alien Skin’s products. I use them every day!

  15. Mark says:

    Man, do I need this bundle!

  16. Mike says:

    Xenofex & Eye Candy are THE best Photoshop plugins ever! Period!

  17. Christopher J H Lee says:

    I so WANT Snap Art 2 , pick me

  18. L. Cawkins says:

    I’ve been using Alien Skin software since it’s conception. It is a great product and I’ve done a ton of projects with it. Thank you for keeping it compatible with the latest adobe products!!!

  19. Andre Pennycooke says:

    Love ya’ll best software on the planet! period.

  20. Jeff Adkins says:

    Very nice of you to do this! Happy Holidays to all of you!

  21. Tina Manley says:

    I couldn’t work without Alien Skin’s Blow Up and Exposure 3! I would love to have Bokeh, too. Please enter my name in your contest.

  22. Suzy says:

    Hey! Love the blog – and thanks for the chance to win this great gift!

  23. Federica Cau says:

    I would really love to own an AlienSkin product to enhance my workflow.

    Thank you for this giveaway !

  24. d.james says:

    even if i miss out on the give away..i’m still getting into all of the cool features with Alien Skin!!

  25. Karen Parker says:

    I’ve spent a ton on your products so I’m ready for a win!!!!!!

  26. Been a fan of the alien skin gear for years, win or lose this won’t change, nice one for saving me hours over the years guys!

  27. Lynn Owen says:

    Hello there…Love your software.

    Lynn O

  28. I love your products! (and I’d love to get more for free)

  29. Julie says:

    oh man, I’d love to win!!! Happy Holidays all!

  30. Jo says:

    Dear Alien
    Wrote to Santa but he did not reply, so now I am trying you!
    I could really do with some new Alien Skin mine is looking a bit shabby ;o(
    It’s a bit dull and brown I really fancy some skin that is shiny and metallic!
    Please help I have been a very good girl!

  31. Redvers J James says:

    You just keep making great plug ins and just love what you all are doing and the direction you are heading

  32. Rosemary says:

    I LOVE your products! but, unemployed :(
    Was just thinking this morning about how I hope that you’d have a one-day Christmas sale.

  33. Rocky says:

    Ask not what your SOFTWARE will do for me but what i can do with your SOFTWARE!!!

  34. Chuck (unklchuk) Miller says:

    Like your software. Like your name. Don’t have enough of it. But don’t pick me. I’m too old. I’d blush at winning. That would take blood away from the sildenafil citrate.

  35. Janelle Morte says:

    love to own any or all!

  36. J Hammell says:

    That’s a nice Christmas gesture! … Would make a great present!

  37. Fred Schoeneborn says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed. For a struggling graphic artist like me, winning this would be a godsend!

  38. E. Bleckert says:

    Nice. I hope I’m lucky this Friday…

  39. huffo design says:

    I hear Jeff makes a great cup of coffee.

    • Jeff says:

      Actually, it’s the programmers who make the great coffee. We got a sweet little espresso machine from Rancilio and it is used every day. Finley Lee, Mike Erickson, and Tom Welsh are the master baristas. Shout out to Illy and Counter Culture Coffee!

  40. Rick Brown says:

    Wow! What a great present this would be. It has not been a good year, so upgrades have been out off the question. This would really make up for it and keep me up-to-date.

  41. mike says:

    keep up the great work on here

  42. Jim Hinds says:

    Wow! One of the nicest (and most responsive to problems) software companies out there is giving away software.
    How cool is that?!

  43. I’ve used so much of Alien Skin’s products, and I’ve never been disappointed. An integral tool for a lot of what i do. I can’t wait to try more!

  44. huffo design says:

    Thanks for a helping hand on my projects over the years!!

  45. Stephen Duclos says:

    Oh, winning would surely warm the cockles of my heart here in snowy cold Vermont!

  46. At first I was worried you were going to ask we to retweet some inane phrase for a chance to win. Never going there. Thanks for your foresight, and some really great products.

  47. I have been using your products for years and have not found any that compares in your creativity. Simple to use, brilliant response and genuises for writing the software. When I first got some sample downloads it took me a bit to get started but then you began to give tutorials and then it was like floating. I would vote your software as being one of the best on the market. Blessings to you all for your brilliance and I win either way. I am taking advantage of some of your temp. downloads now. But to have my own set would be great. I have a disability that keeps me from buying expensive software, a heart problem that took my two brothers at a young age, so studying new software keeps my mind off that past. Blessings to you all for your smart team and I pray you get all you want. Love Harder, Miguel

  48. Alexander Schmitz says:

    first I have to say: “AlienSoftware is great…”
    I would be very pleased if u pick me :-)

    Best Greets from Germany,

  49. Marvin Wiltgen says:

    Alien Skin is great….I love Snap Art and all the great looks I get with that program…I sure could use the bundle

  50. rob spence says:

    Have a great Christmas…and a creative New Year.

  51. Michael Brandau says:

    I have my eye on the Photo Bundle if I’m lucky enough to win. :)

  52. Benjamin Thomas says:

    Long time fan!!

  53. Also forgot to say, what a sweet thing to do for all the lovers of your products. Very kind and gracious. Blessings, Miguel

  54. Rich says:

    I’d love to win, thanks!

  55. .Beth says:

    I’ve been using Alien Skin’s products for years. I’m a huge fan of them all but my favorite is Eye Candy Impact. I would love to have the new ones, such as Exposure, but due to the economy, it remains on a wish list. I’d love to win!

  56. Brian Gorman says:

    You are the greatest! Creative, smart, funny, great business people, and just plain fun. Have a great holiday! Brian

  57. stacie says:

    Thank you for the very nice give away you don’t see to many people in the giving sprits now days people just want want want there still are people out there with a heart.

  58. I love all the snap art product as it helps transform my photo’s into and digital art piece. I would love to get the Photo Bundle some day. Thanks for your great products and happy holidays.


  59. Looks like great software. we tested all enlargement apps and blowup beat all the others

  60. Marlon Ming says:

    Bokeh 2 is phenomenal!!!! Definitely some serious thought and engineering went it to this awesome software. I’m currently doing the 30 day trail along with onone focal point right now.

  61. Ed Mullin says:

    Great Idea for this time of year!
    Always liked your stuff so it’ll be great to win it!!

  62. Pattie says:

    Wow…wouldn’t I like to find something from Alien Skin in my stocking! :) Happy Holidays to you too.

  63. Veronica Hage says:

    I would love to win! Your products are excellent. :)

  64. Todd C. says:

    I will make a list and check it twice.

  65. Chris Timmes says:

    Very nice of you to do. And I do love your products, especially Exposure and Bokeh!

  66. Roger says:

    What a wonderful idea! A chance to add one of your excellent programs to my small collection, would be a truly spectacular gift.
    Keep up the excellent work and bring more of these great offers to us.
    Best regards to all for the Holiday Season.

  67. Steven Bobker says:

    Neat idea. I like that the blog comment is an equal option. Having had a real bad Facebook experience I won’t go back and Twitter is just too terse for me.


  68. Carrie Bayless says:


  69. Chris Murphey says:

    Alien Skin Software is always on my wish list, Happy Holidays

  70. Rochelle Broglen says:

    What a great idea! I used to have some of the products (at a company that spoiled me with software). I would LOVE to be able to work with them again at my leisure and without client restrictions on creativity. Thank you for the opportunity!

  71. Your software turns ordinary into extraordinary! Simply magic!!!!!

  72. Dan Hill says:


  73. Murray Hayes says:

    Eye Candy is such an integral part of my day! With Photoshop and Eye Candy, I can do anything!

  74. David Durand says:

    This would make a good holiday great. ;)

  75. Larry Alania says:

    I believe I should be picked because I am a close personal friend of your aliens.

  76. douglas Nelson says:

    I would love to win! :)

  77. Bob Warren says:

    The 64-bit Eye Candy update in the stocking would be sufficient but sure, I’ll take it!

  78. Brian Cash says:

    I own SnapArt and love it, thanks for the great product. I could always use more ;-)

  79. Rick Bryant says:

    I do like AlienSkin!

  80. Hey! Just a shout out for the Queen Bee! You guys get 2 thumbs up for creating some great software/ plugins! As a freelance graphic designer here in the Oxford, NC. area I would like to let everyone know that these plugins work with a variety of photo editors although only supported through Adobe Photoshop but don’t be affraid to try them out in other editors as well! I have been using Alien Skin Software for about 6 years now and I love it!

  81. Great idea, I did all three things and look forward to seeing your new products. I look forward to hearing from you and picking out my prize!

  82. RJ Capak says:

    I really like Alien Skin Software so count me in for a chance to complete my collection!!!

  83. Have been using your products for more then 15 years now. Damn how time flies.

    I first got involved the Alien Skin when I founded LA MUG (In Maine, Not CA). Your folks have also been great supporters of our group, and we really appreciate it.

    LA MUG is a better Users Group because of fine folks like Alien Skin Software:)

  84. I never seem to win anything, but it doesn’t stop me from trying. How I would love to win this! I’ve been a very good girl. Well, almost! -fM

  85. Mark S. says:

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  86. Im really liking the Exposure 3 product; It has definitely rejuvenated my love of b&w…….

    PS: I would not mind to be chosen for the FREE software either.

  87. Lynda Braun says:

    I purchased image doctor for my photo restoration work but use it for effects in my fine art work as well. I would love to have more. Its a great piece of software.

  88. Christine Whelan says:

    All I want for Christmas is Alien Skin! :)

  89. Jim Crabtree says:

    I love the firehouse shots!
    This is a nice giveaway too!

  90. Mitch Kittenplan says:

    I’ve used alien skin software since the very beginning. Incredible products.

  91. Rick Weiss says:

    Live long and prosper!

  92. Joel says:

    Great idea….I realize the expense, but a monthly giveaway would be nice….maybe not full packages but some of the stand alones…


  93. Gene Mollett says:

    Wow!! What a fantastic opportunity to win an UNBELIEVABLE software set!!! Kudos.

  94. Kimberly S says:

    I love your products! Sending Santa a letter for Bokeh!!

  95. Steve says:

    Hope I win…

  96. Shiv Verma says:

    This is such a great idea – thanks guys

  97. I would love to win! Been using your products for years to make cool ads.

    Thanks, J

  98. N. Wooden says:

    Long time Alien Skin customer. Winning would make the holidays even better!

  99. Elizabeth says:

    I really want it and could put it to good use!

  100. You know, I go all the way back to the days of the “Black Box” with you guys. Still have the floppy disk.

  101. Bob Trancho says:

    Some AS software would be a great addition to the gifts under my tree!

  102. Already like on FB & I would love 2 win one of the products. EXCITED!!!

  103. AAGGHHH!! I would LOOOVE to win! plllllease, pllllease, preeetty please!

    :-D did I mention please? heh….

  104. Great Idea I have some Alien skin products, Can always use more :) Fun stuff

  105. Barry says:

    I have been wanting one of your great software products, but could not afford it. I hope this is my golden opportunity to acquire one.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  106. Well, I have been using the Exposure 2.0 for 3 years, until I bought a new iMac and installed Adobe CS5.
    I tried every way for many days to install it on my new gear, but no luck.
    Perhaps the new version is more user friendly for CS5?
    Anyway, all the best,

    • Jeff says:

      Exposure 3 works great with Photoshop CS5. Sorry, but we are not updating Exposure 2 to be 64-bit. If you run CS5 in 32-bit mode then you can run Exposure 2.

  107. YES! says:


  108. Steven Grueber says:

    Have used all three versions of my all-time favorite plug-in, Exposure.
    Superior results all around.

  109. M Myricks says:

    I have used trial downloads of you software – it saves a lot of time. I would love to own a full copy.

  110. Mark Terry says:

    What a generous company you guys are!

  111. Shabnam says:

    Lovely, lovely products!! Would really really love to get it… pretty please… :-)

  112. David Hachey says:

    I’ll put it to good use! My photography needs all the help it can get. :)

  113. riet says:

    Happy Holidays

  114. Pick me, pick me! :)

    Merry Christmas!

  115. Love your software !

  116. Scott Witmer says:

    Wonderful products – thanks for the chance to win.

  117. Dennis obergfell says:

    I’d love to be one of the fortunate

  118. Tom Johnson says:

    Wonderful! Please count me in. I surely hope I’m one of the lucky three.

  119. I love Alien Skin!!! you just get it my friends. Happy Holidays!

  120. A says:

    I like Exposure the best….because I have all of the great AlienSkin tools, except that one!

    So…did I win it to complete my collection? ;-)

  121. Marsha says:

    I already like you on Facebook and joined the Flickr group sometime ago. So I’m commenting here to say thanks for a chance to win one of your fantastic products.

  122. Deb says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!!! Love SNAP ART

  123. Karen Sevigny says:

    I have purchased from you before! Please, please, please Pick me!!!!

  124. Tamara says:

    I have Bokeh already, whick I love, but would love to try some other fun products. Thanks.

  125. Randy Colwell says:

    What a wonderful promotion! I have been researching your software for some time, and am currently doing your wonderful 30 day free trial of Bokeh2. So far, I don’t think I can work without it. So, congrats on all your success and best of luck for the future. Keep putting out great products! I look forward to using them all in the near future!

  126. Lina says:

    Oh that would be a great Christmas gift for me!!!!!!! thanks for the chance!!!!

  127. tom hyland says:

    I’ve used your software on a trial basis in the past and love it!

  128. Chris Mielke says:

    Very nice, I hope I win.

  129. Nick says:

    Just a little comment to say that I may not use my Alien Skin programs on a daily basis, but when I do, it Alien Skin pulls my chestnuts out of the fire, and is an absolutely great help, being able to do things that I don’t have the ability to accomplish by myself. THANKS!

  130. Ione Wyatt says:

    I used Alien Skin on a PC around 10 years ago for a while, & loved the effects, particularly when Photoshop & Coreldraw were much more primitive! Alien Skin gave easy drop shadows & great effects. Then I bought my own Apple Mac Tower 3 years ago, as I had retired from the airline I worked with ( as a stew!! Lots of opportunities for humour..) & wanted to concentrate on my cartoon work. Whilst finding a Mac, plus PSD & illustrator, etc, amazing, I kinda miss some of the great, easily applied effects of Alien Skin. I’d look at the videos & new programs coming in, as I kept in touch with your website. (I am amused you still keep that wonderful retro logo too!) I design lots of cards; doing book illustration at present, and some logos. Still haven’t got a website – as I am at present caring for elderly parents – so do not want TOO much work. It comes by friends. So I would LOVE Eye Candy.. Guardian Angel, thanking you in anticipation.. From ‘Oni’ – Ione Wyatt

  131. Bitte says:

    What a great christmas gift. I wish…….
    Merry Christmas to you from Sweden.


  132. Valerie Mitchell says:

    I love Alien Skin!!!!

  133. George Baker says:

    I use Alien Skin software primarily to enhance the things I list on eBay. People seem to like that.

    Keeping my fingers crossed (I hope, I hope, I hope)

  134. J. King says:

    How generous! Even Santa can’t top this gift :-)

  135. Janice Campbell says:

    I love Alien Skin software.

  136. Melanie says:

    I love all of your products! I have referred a number of my customers to your website for blowup2. I absolutely adore eye candy and use it regularly. Great marketing idea for the holidays. Pick me!

  137. ctc says:

    howdy – giving filters a try. i tried the frosty look yesterday but after seeing yours i need to tweak some more because i didn’t get snow flakes in the text. happy holidays all…

  138. maise says:

    i wish you a merry christmas and…

  139. ^^^ I also type run-on sentences from time to time, apparently.
    I use Xenofex from time to time would love to win some free product.

  140. Ron Raven. says:

    What can I say..have not yet got any of the AlienSkin software but have been very impressed by the tutorials.Think my number 1 is Bokeh but it is a close thing!
    Happy Christmas.

  141. John Nolen says:

    Alien Skin Exposure 3>Color Film>Color Films-Polaroid>Polachrome (modified)
    ^ my favorite to use.
    Would love Bokeh!!!!

  142. Brandon says:

    Just came across Alien Skin software (Exposure and Bokeh) last month, and I fell in love. The demos ran out, however, and now I’m having withdrawl (with no money to buy the full thing for the foreseeable future). Pick me? :)

  143. Randall Seefeldt says:

    How do. (Sorry to get all formal on you, but I thought it might boost my chances.)

  144. jdawrrick says:

    Long time Alien Skin user. Great, great products. Bu it’s been a bad, bad year (!!) and, as the result of a move, I have been looking for my original disks (I recently received a new Mac) so I can reinstall and start using again. Getting some free software would be a big help! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, etc.!!

  145. Love your stuff. I really need more of it. :-)

  146. Janet says:

    Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway! I love, LOVE, my Eye Candy!

  147. Kevin Steele says:

    Bokeh v2 looks pretty interesting for post-work.

  148. Jim Jacobs says:

    I own one of your products – Splat! – and love it.
    Owning yet another one, and free to boot, would be a nice Christmas gift indeed.
    What a great offer guys :)
    Happy holidays to all of you at Alien Skin.
    Jim (in cold Ottawa, Canada)

  149. Craig White says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to get another great product!

  150. R. West says:

    Great products!!! Merry Christmas to everyone at “Alien Skin Software”.

  151. Dan Meyer says:

    You guys have been very helpful. Thank you for this opportunity!

  152. Randy says:

    Love your plug-ins!

  153. JSW says:

    I have enjoyed using your products and always love looking at the news stuff you come up with! I agree that the animated illustration in Jarrett Heather’s video is awsome, but the message is sort of depressing. Happy Holidays!

  154. Bubba Harmon says:

    Dear Santa, I would really like to win something. I have been a really good boy this year….well…errr…sort-of.

  155. Karen says:

    Just finished the trial for Exposure, and I have to say it is my favorite PS add on, EVER! I used it every day for my 365 project, and miss it already. I’m saving up….

  156. Nick Roberts says:

    Hope I win. ;-)

  157. Rikk Flohr says:

    I would literally, well figuratively shedding my Alien Skin for joy should I be chosen at random as a recipient.

  158. Nancy says:

    What a great opportunity! You guys are AWESOME!

  159. Marlin Haindfield says:

    Been a fan of Eye Candy for many, many years; but I thought you guys disappeared from the Photoshop scene! I was so glad to run across your website the other day after so many years! Keep up the GREAT WORK, and the happiest of holidays to all of you at Alien Skin Software!

  160. I LOVE your software. I use Splat and Snap Art. If I win, I’ll choose Eye Candy 6 as my prize.

  161. Would like to try your software!

  162. Great software that I use often. Thanks for all the tools.

  163. Venu says:

    I really love the Bokeh! Great software.

  164. John says:

    I’d really like to have Exposure. I had the trial and it’s great.
    Thank you.

  165. Trumarcar says:

    Oh, how I would love Alien Skins programs for Christmas! I downloaded the trial version of Eye Candy recently and you can’t get me away from it!! Wonderful program.

  166. Brian B says:

    Thanks for holding this giveaway. I love Exposure 3 and its Velvia emulations. Santa, please turn my demo versions into the real thing. This is my holiday wish.

    PS – If you pick me, I will not re-gift!

  167. Nertila Pere says:

    I love this product !! it would be great to win really :)

  168. Chris Murphey says:

    Tis the season to start wishing for Awesome Software – La la la la laaaaaaaaaa la la la laaaa – Happy Holidays

  169. Jay says:

    Nice idea. I could make good use of the software as I have a large collection of photos that could use some enhancements!

  170. Hi
    Great Product
    Happy Christmas, Norman

  171. michael salerno says:

    I can now make my clients very happy
    and supply those special branded images
    they want!

  172. I’m a big fan of Alien Skin Software…since Eye Candy 3

  173. Tom Jones says:

    I have absolutely zero artistic skills. Your products, though, make my friends believe I do. Thank you!

  174. Damien says:

    Wow. What a prize. so cool

  175. Pam says:

    I have always wanted to have an Alien Skin program but haven’t been able to afford it. They are the best…Can’t wait

  176. Kory Kwok says:

    love it……

  177. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been using Alien Skin For over 20 years. Love it. My site portfolio is a testament to the package.
    I just upgraded my studio with the latest high end Mac system, but alas, couldn’t use my Alien Skin software with the new i7 Intel processor!!!
    A new set of compatible software would be a perfect gift for me. Hope I get lucky.

    Happy Holidays to all

    • Jeff says:

      If you are using the latest versions of our products then they should work with an i7 Intel processor. You can grab the latest from our downloads page. If you still have trouble then please go to our support site and submit a help request.

      • My bad.
        I should have mentioned that I tried to get away with using the older (Eye Candy 5) bundle which I still use on my Dual G5 system. That’s what I meant by compatible with the Intel i7.


  178. Juha says:

    I surely could use your wonderful programms! Merry Christmas to all!!

  179. I know I’m not going to win. But just thinking about it and imagining it warms my heart a little bit. :)

  180. alan north says:

    I can’t afford it maybe I’ll win it thank you

  181. Terry Karney says:

    I’ve got several products, the film emulators are the ones I value most.

  182. Stinsonddog says:

    Hmm – just upgraded to PS CS5- how I can”enhance” it.

  183. Ron says:

    Been using AlienSkin products since Photoshop v5 — no better value in the plug-ins and filters market. I wish you made products for FCP and other video software!

  184. John Brandt says:

    This would be the comment to pick. Many thank yous. Love it.

  185. Dan Donovan says:

    Wow – looks like a great line-up of products!!!


  186. David says:

    Always loved Eye Candy

  187. I’m just blatantly begging to win ;-)

  188. Darlene Wilkinson says:

    You have no idea how much the taxes and duties are when we Canadians order your products online! I am in Florida for two months thanks to our kids kind hearts and bored in this cold weather so please pick me so I can play to my hearts content and get the creative juices flowing again.

  189. Darlene Wilkinson says:

    I almost forgot—Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  190. Barry Pavel says:

    I sure could use an upgrade since I’m using version 5.

  191. Sharon Piran says:

    I love your products, and your people have helped me through many a design problem. I love you guys!! Happy holidays, all the best.

  192. What a delightful promotion idea… :-) Your plug-ins are always best in class, and it’s no exaggeration to say my graphics and art work would be much more difficult without you. I would love the opportunity to become familiar with (and professionally dependant upon :-) more of your products.

  193. Joe Myeress says:

    I’ve used Eye Candy for years! Very cool and easy effects. With that being said, PICK ME!

  194. Yasmin says:

    Using alien ss has revolutionised my B&W’s! Thank you dear ASS! (oh, dear, just hadn’t realised your initials spelt THAT!)

    • Jeff says:

      Hehe, I’m surprised at how few people notice our humorous acronym. We really didn’t choose the name because of the initials, but I get a kick out of it.

  195. james riddle says:

    your software is great / can’t wait to use the next product that i win
    customer service is the best also

  196. Gabriel says:

    Only recently became aware of Alien Skin Software – purchased Exposure on the recommendation of another photog and have loved it- excited to give other pieces of your software a try!

  197. John Hopkins says:

    blog post for the win!

  198. J. Tobias says:

    Ho Ho Ho ! ! !

  199. chuck says:

    Howdy — and thanks for all the fun products you make.

  200. Holger says:

    Oh, pick me. Please. With sugar on top and a cherry. :) I’d love to own Exposure. This year has been pretty rough, so I have been forced to spend most of the money I had been saving up for software for other more ordenary things. An unexpected software gift would be a really big xmas present.

    Anyway, cool idea and thanks for the chance. :)

    Kind regards

  201. Irene says:

    Scrivo dall’Italia ed uso un traduttore online, perdonate il mio pessimo inglese!
    Ho provato i vostri plugin, non li ho acquistati perchè non ho soldi, ma sono veramente eccezionali.
    Vincere per me sarebbe il massimo. Grazie!

    I write from Italy and use an online translator, forgive my bad English!
    I tried your plugins, I have not purchased because I have no money, but they are really exceptional.
    Winning for me would be the best. Thanks!

  202. Anne says:

    I’ve been using your products since they first came out, and Snapart 2 blows my mind every time I use it, which is often. I am literally drooling over your other products, and would like to have them all- (I began my love affair with Alienskin when Xenofex first appeared. I’ve never ‘won’ any free software-and would be in nirvana if that happened. You guys are true visionary artists…..thank you. Anne

  203. Nikki says:

    What a generous give away! I would love to win.

  204. Richard Waugh says:

    You guys and girls at Alien Skin should get some kind of award for returning true ‘feel’ to photography, especially through ‘Exposure.’ There is a generation of youngsters though who have never shot a roll of film or printed a print. They should be giving you the award because most will never know just how easy and also inexpensive programs such as Exposure have made achieving those effects that took so much time, skill and money in the past. Christmas Cheers from Australia to all at Alien Skin.

  205. Marc says:

    Tried out other filters, Alien Skin is a great product and easy to use, so many options!

  206. Andrew Oliver says:

    Great software… I own Snapart, Bokeh and Blowup… really make my photos sing!

  207. I would love to own an AlienSkin product. Ultimate dream

  208. Howard Dale says:

    Been using the trial version of Bokeh2. Great piece of software.

  209. Gregory Leno says:

    I’ve been looking for something like your this for a long time now. I knew there had to be a way to digitally script and apply certain film looks and curves. Enter Exposure 3… problem solved. Thanks.
    The rest of your line up looks great as well.
    Are you working on anything for Video?

  210. Your products are consistently reliable, easy to use, and give great results! I so wish I win! Thanks for doing this! And happy holidays!

  211. Judith Leslie says:

    Thanks for the lovely and generous giveaway opportunity! Happy holidays to all!

  212. Edith says:

    I would really love to win! Love your products!

  213. i’m using Exposure for many years each update brings a lot of great new features, I’m loving it.
    i also tested bokeh the last 30 day’s its a perfect solution to simulate depth of field, if you don’t have the right technical equipment to get the requested result.
    look forward to see what comes next year.
    merry christmas and a happy new year!!!


  214. Doug Siemens says:

    A giveaway from Alien Skin. What a foreign concept.

    Hope I’m picked.

  215. Exposure is one of my all-time favorite plugins!

  216. Ali says:

    I love Alien Skin products, couldn’t make my artwork without them.!!!

  217. Have a Happy Holiday Season !!!

  218. Julian Humphries says:

    I’m a big fan of Exposure, use it every day. Thanks for the contest.

  219. Steve Gill says:

    I don’t own any of your software yet but it looks extremely impressive.

    Happy holidays!

  220. ron beauparlant says:

    i’m totally impressed with all the different software Alien Skin has to offer. judging by the samples on flikr and your web page , it’s something i’d like to try in the future or sooner

  221. Tiffany says:

    How generous of you! I would love to have the Eye Candy. Oh, here I go getting excited!

  222. Justin says:

    eye candy made me not suck at photoshop!

  223. tomas says:

    Hey, nice idea to make some three dudes happy :-)
    Normally I never win something, but who knows, random sounds good :-)

  224. i have tried your trial, and i have to say i’m soooooooo impressed and in love with your product!!! i’d love to win it, just in time for Christmas!

  225. adan martell says:

    I love alien skin !!!!

  226. peggy says:

    awesome giveaway…I love all the alien skin software that I already have and would love to have some more. ;)

  227. Jens says:

    Use imagedoctor, snapart, eye candy, blowup. would love to try bokeh as a christmas gift …

  228. Teresa says:

    Love your software. Would awesome to own the newest versions.

  229. Ray Baker says:

    Twas the night before Christmas,
    and in the bowels of my house,
    I was staring at my monitor,
    with my hand on my mouse.
    When up on the rooftop,
    there arose such a big clatter,
    An Alien had landed,
    And my dogs started to scatter.
    He came down thru the chimney,
    And before my very eyes,
    he had bundles of software,
    it was quite a suprise.
    He had big eyes,
    and his legs were tiny,
    I think someone forgot
    to give him a hiney.
    But he was cool
    and I thanked him,
    as he took to his ship.
    He said he had to give
    the F16′s the slip.
    As he left the rooftop,
    at the speed of light,
    I could hear the echos,
    in the darkenss of night.
    On Eyecandy, on Snap Art,
    On Bokeh, On Blowup,
    On Xenofex, on Exposure,
    We must get this ship up.
    I told this story to my kids,
    and to my wife.
    They said it was the wildest story
    they had heard in their life.
    But I dont care,
    Im as happy as can be,
    The Alien left the software bundles with me.

  230. Heidi says:

    Pick me, pick me! I LOVE your products!

  231. Paul G says:

    please randomly pick me. I desire this.

  232. David Patryas says:

    I use a few of your software for artistic photography (after being a commercial photographer for 27 years) and your software is wonderful to work with. My images become very unique while selecting through the software. A big thank you to your company! A wonderful addition for photographers.

  233. jennifer fuller says:

    Dear Alien Skin,
    The weather outside is frightful, but your soft__ware is delightful
    I’ve a ton of photos that don’t flow, but with your software I would fix this while it snows.

  234. Ron Burston says:

    Message from Shropshire, England (Birthplace of the industrial revolution). Now a non commercial user (very late seventies). Use CS5, Zenofex and Snap Art. Only person at Alien Skin I have spoken to on the telephone Is Mr Jeff Butterworth, very helpful and obliging. Many thanks. Main interests action photography (Equestrian and Racing) and dogs, plus of course the world famous ‘The Worlds first Iron Bridge’.

  235. I use Alien Skin Blowup on every image since I still use film (what can I say, there are still some of us out there). Exposure looks like it would be a great asset.

  236. Curt Oxford says:

    I love Alien Skin software. They make my designs stand out.

  237. M B Silva says:

    Great giveaway idea!

  238. Kim Jensen says:

    Poor frozen alien, hope he thaws out soon! I’m already a huge fan of Eye Candy! I’d love to get my hands on the Photo Bundle! What an amazing Christmas that would be!!

  239. james says:

    Hello A.S. team – Count me in!

  240. I would love to add your software to my arsenal! Id be the envy of my fellow graphical geeks! :D

  241. Thomas says:

    I wish the team all the best for next year and wanted to say what a great job you did with the new plugins Bokey and Exposure.


  242. I love Alien Skin! Would love the opportunity to try out Exposure as well as other photo products. I am a graphic and web designer and enjoy using Alien Skin!! :)

  243. Love your stuff, and my favorite hat still says, “I’m from f**king outer space.”

    • Jeff says:

      We used to have t-shirts that said that too. I still have one, but I wear it rarely now that little kids are running around here frequently.

  244. Tricia says:

    Love your products. It would be great to win one of the products I don’t already own such as Bokeh.

  245. Shabnam says:

    Absolutely genious products!! Would love to own them and show the world just what is possible!! :-)

  246. I’d love to win, but it’ll be hard to choose whether to add blow up, exposure or bokeh to my eye candy & snap art.

  247. Lauri says:

    this is a great giveaway, especially for those of us who can only afford the trial versions of things right now! love what I have used so far.

  248. Mark Zukowski says:

    I’ve enjoyed using Snap Art and just posted an example on your Flickr site. Terrific software.

  249. Sherry Brunkhardt says:

    I love the filters for web design. Now I want Bokeh and Exposure! Win or buy, I WILL get them.

  250. George says:

    Who wouldn’t want to try for a great plug-in for just a comment?

  251. Simon Rimmington says:

    Sign me up too – great plugins :)

  252. Kevin Burroughs says:

    Im new to this fantastic software will be using it on all my images from now on
    where have you been hiding all this time

  253. Antony Snape says:

    ok .. I cant do what I do without exposure 3 .. if I house caught fire this is the first thing Iwould grab on the way out .. hehe awesome guys .. keep it up :)


  254. David Cruz says:

    I want a free product too!

  255. JAG says:

    As a student, one of my teachers and I really loved Eye Candy. It would be great to get a new copy — it has been years and I would bet that it is now even better.

  256. Media Fairy says:

    My late ex husband got me hooked on all matter of Alien Skin eons ago; first with Eye Candy, then Splat, then Xenofex. I’ve used them on both Mac and *shiver*, Windows (yes, yes, I’m a Mac Queen) and have always loved blowing people away with all the plugins (along with Human Softwares cool stuff) and how I can work some serious fa-bu-lus-ness into my graphics. I’ve never had any problems (except using it until I do a couple of upgrades in Photoshop, then can’t use the old Alien Skin stuff….but hey, doesn’t matter, always goodness and fun with these products). The evolution of technology makes it fun to do stuff you never could do before.

    • Jimmy says:

      Hi Media Fairy,

      If you ever have a problem with our software, please contact our help desk. We want to get you back up and running ASAP. Here’s a link.

  257. I have used Blow Up on almost a daily basis for years, and wouldn’t DREAM of being without it!. Thanks guys.

  258. Victor says:

    Alien Skin software is “Out of this world!”

  259. Paul Larson says:

    What a great give away. Although I have used the demos, I just haven’t been able to buy the products as of yet. Best of luck and congrats to whomever wins!

  260. Wayne Drennar says:

    Love your Products
    I would love to win; what an awsome gift :)

  261. Shinnnoji says:

    Hi! Pick me please!

  262. Love your “Exposure” plug-in. Just amazing!

  263. susan stone says:

    i love Alienskin software products. Have used Exposure since it first came out.

  264. Patricia says:

    Love your products and I’m so appreciative of the chance to get another one and that you gave us various ways to enter this.
    Keep up the good work and Christmas Greetings to you all.

  265. You guys/gals are awesome. I would love to add to my collection of goodies!

  266. aalevy says:

    I have been using Alien Skin products for some time now. The company is one of the finest. I contact Jim White often who gives me excellent advice. I love Exposure 2, Bokeh, Eye Candy and Snap Art 2.
    In the near future I plan to upgrade to Exposure 3 and Bokeh 2..All these products are fun to work with and enjoy. If i am chosen for a free gift, I will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you for the great fun and use of these products.

    Aaron Levy

  267. K. Pasholli says:

    Who would not love ALIEN SKIN software?!? This product needs no blog as it speaks for itself, saying “Awesome am I.” You have but to try it once and without doubt will use it over and over again. I have used it for years, i used it today and will do so tomorrow.

  268. Dean says:

    Alien Skin has a long tradition of backing up their best-in-class software with best-in-class customer support!

    You make us better designers year-round, and this holiday giveaway is the frosting on the Yule Log!

    Thanks for all you do!

  269. Paul says:

    I have much respect for your softwares effects.

  270. Gary says:

    Creative, fun, just plain good stuff…thanks Alien Skin…you take my images to another place
    and time!

  271. Monte Krause says:

    …Hello everyone!
    I started using Eye Candy as version 3.0 was released, and ever since, have made it, and other Alien Skin plug-ins, a regular part of my graphics, fine art, Web, and music video creative workflow. Once I became familiar with the potential of many of the filters, my ideas could be realized almost as fast as I could visualize them. Installed on my PC right now are: Eye Candy (versions: 4000, 5 Impact, & 6), Snap Art (versions 1 & 2), Brokeh 1, Xenofex 2, Blow Up 2, Exposure 2, and Image Doctor 2.
    ~Monte, Dallas, TX

  272. Steve Gollis says:

    Howdy, and thanks for the great stuff!

  273. Have always loved A.S. products. Always innovative and ahead of the curve. Oh — and sign me up!

  274. I love your products and hope to be picked as a winner thisfriday!

  275. Terry sanders says:

    Along with Kai’s Power Tools, which are now useless since they were bought, Alien Skin has provided some of the most useful plug ins in the business.

  276. Ted Lewis says:

    I am an avid user of Snap Art 2 and Bokeh. The ease with which you can convert ordinary good photos into true great works of Art using either of these 2 programs is ablosutely amazing. Ya gotta love em.

  277. Noel Butcher says:

    I’d really like some of your software but I think it should go to Ray Baker for the effort he put in.

  278. Dulany Lingo says:

    Eye Candy is also my favorite. I’m supposed to be a retired Graphic Artist. How did I get sooooo many jobs this Christmas Season probably had a lot to do with the use of so many of my Alien Skin filters. I remember when I bought my first filter and would speak with Jeff Butterworth a lot because it was almost beyond my capacity, but OH BOY when I got good, I got good.
    THANKS, Dulany

  279. Edward Mattis says:

    Interested in BOKE

  280. Gary Biram says:

    Hi! Guys, You have had a busy year with all the platform and OS updates including the software people doing their thing as well. Can’t wait to get the 64 bit update for Eye Candy, hopefully Shadowlab will eventually be included, as really miss that one.

    This is a great promotional idea and the winners will be ecstatic, and those who enter have the opportunity to participate, well done!

    Have a great Xmas and a Healthy & Wealthy New Year for 2010.

    Kind regards

    Gary Biram

    • Jimmy says:

      Hi Gary,

      64 bit Eye Candy 6 is available now. There’s an article about it here. Check it out!

    • Jeff says:

      The old Shadow Lab filter has become the Perspective Shadow filter in Eye Candy 6. You can find it in the Photoshop menu Filter > Alien Skin Eye Candy 6 : Text & Selection > Perspective Shadow. It does everything the old Shadow Lab did, plus lots of neat perspective stretching for 3-D shadows.

  281. Haleyjade says:

    I’m in!

  282. Janet says:

    I love Alien Skin products. Even though I have four of their products, the others are on my wish list! I am a loyal user, Please select me!

  283. Shawna S says:

    I like what I see!

  284. Julie McClen says:

    Hi Skins,

    Just love you products, discovering them 2 years ago has help me grow so much as a designer.
    Thanks to your Eye Candy etc my imagination can take shape in a way that can be shared with others, dreams can become reality.

    A joyous holiday season to you all, humans & aliens alike! :)

  285. Dave says:

    Awesome products and I’d buy the hat and the t-shirt.

    Happy Holidays !!!!

  286. Edwin A. Rivers says:

    Great products, great blog! Keep up the good work.

  287. Mark says:

    What a great idea! You have great products and this is a super way to promote your solutions.

  288. Lora Garlitz says:

    Oh! I have been drooling over this software for a long time! I would love to “win” .. Thanks for the fun contest!

  289. Haneen Hammad says:

    Hey there! Id love to win the prize!! :)

  290. Martin says:

    proud owner of many products…
    expectant owner of more…

  291. Brandon Balin says:

    I agree, the only thing better than Alien Skin software is free Alien Skin software!!! :-)

  292. Brett Neal says:

    I love you Alien. You are the holly in my days.

  293. Mark R Friedman says:

    Happy Holidays

    It may be unlikely I’ll win, but I can hope. And put a copy of Bokeh to good use

  294. Michael Shaw says:

    Love your products!! Merry Christmas!!

  295. Walter Taubenslag says:

    Thank you. I love snap art. I think it is interesting to try to have photographs look like paintings. The program is wonderful and easy to use.

  296. TJ says:

    I’ve used your products for years. I get the results I am looking for quickly and easily. Thanks – I look forward to new innovations in the future!

  297. Steve Bushakus says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  298. Ben Tillison says:

    Wow! What a great Christmas treat! I would REALLY love to be chosen – PUULLEEASE!

  299. Dee Dee says:

    LOVE your products! Would love to win so I can own one!! :)

  300. Robert Jewett says:

    Admit it. YOU want me to win. Seriously. It’s a craving.

  301. John says:

    I would love a copy of Eye Candy. I am using Exposure 3 right now, and am waiting on the 64-bit update for Snap Art.

  302. Carrie Osmo says:

    I would love some upgrades :)

  303. Brenda Morin says:

    Thank you for giving us a chance to win your software! Happy holidays!

  304. Justin says:

    Count me in.

  305. Milan says:

    Thanks for oportunity, Merry Christmas….

  306. Janis says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity, and happy holidays!

  307. Ed Broberg says:

    Alien Skin offers some great products. I wish I had the budget to get all of their products!

  308. phexitol says:

    What are the chances? Great plugins are even better when they’re free :)

  309. I absolutely love your software! I own Exposure (awesome product!!!!!!), Bokeh and Bokeh 2 (fantastic stuff!!), Nature Art (amazing clever things it can do!), and also Eye Candy (love this too!). My all time favorite is Exposure! lately no picture leaves my hand until it was processed by it. I use your software in both Lightroom 3 and CS5–I particularly love its Lightroom 3 integration; I rarely have to move a picture into CS5 as a result.

    Love your products! Keep them coming!


  310. Shauna says:

    What a great Christmas present…I would be thrilled to get it!

  311. David Vela says:

    This would make a nice stocking stuffer…For myself. LOL

    Happy Holidays to All.

  312. I really appreciate people concerned with quality, art and a true drive to innovative approaches to life. I had the opportunity to use your products as a demo in the past and was very impressed by the possibilities of enhancing images and creating attractive atmospheres. In my work I see the importance of having trully engaging images for my pieces. So, this wonderful gift would come with great timing. I thank you and your team for your superb work. Merry Christmas!

  313. Mikael says:

    Would like to try your software.

    Happy holidays!

  314. I have bought Eye Candy 6 and Xenofex 2 which have been great to use. Unfortunately the exchange rate from Dollar to ZAR becomes extremely expensive to buy more such as Snap Art & Blow Up. (Will have to save up) Keep up the good work. Great products. Thanks

  315. I love your products. I use the first edition of Bokeh and Eye Candy. Thanks for your great products. I look forward to when I can afford to buy more of your software. Keep up the good work.

  316. Dianne says:

    Appreciate the chance to win your software. I’ve used Snap Art and Image Doctor (which are both amazing) as trials, and am saving up to make a purchase . . . sure would be nice to win, though!

    Happy Holidays and continued success!

  317. I love your products, I just wish they were a bit more affordable for someone living on a fixed income, they are definitely out of my reach to purchase and usually by the time I’ve managed to save up enough the price has gone up once again. I hope you will pick me! My church purchased photoshop/fireworks for me, so it would be a boon to win eye candy. My laptop, my graphics programs, and the internet have become my best friends. I hope those who win enjoy their software! Salute!

  318. Dave Jones says:

    Well with the amount of responses above I’ve next to no chance but you’ve got to be in it to win it… and as it’s well worth it, I’m deinitely in!!! ;)

  319. Amanda Wyatt says:


    I have Xenofex 2 at home and Eye Candy at work – trying desperately to get Eye Candy for home too – its amazing! Any chance of an upcoming sale :)

    Can’t blame me for trying!

    Great software – I recommend it many people!

  320. Christine Fitzgerald says:

    Fantastic idea and a nice holiday gift for some lucky person. Fantastic software :-)

  321. Jean Lawson says:

    Hi there – just received an email telling me that you are giving away your software to three random friends who say something on your blog or Facebook/Twitter. I have used Alien Skin softtware in the past and love it as it enhances my digital designs/card designs immensely. I would love to win one of the three giveaways so please enter my name for this.

    At the moment I am trying out the Eye Candy 6 bundle as I love the different filters, especially the ice one for my Christmas cards which I design each year to send to friends.

    Jean Lawson

  322. Geoffrey Yarwood says:

    Hi there
    Great work.

  323. Andrew Macpherson says:

    Great idea, great software … and I’m really hoping to win!

  324. cynthia MacKenzie says:

    still have my Alien Skin hat, I were it proudly!

  325. Lori says:

    Happy Holidays! And what a nice gift for the lucky winners.

  326. RAJENDRA PANDIT says:

    Excellent Plugins,
    Hope,I will be winner and become neighbor’s envy.

  327. sunjoy khanna says:

    i just love alienskin! As a graphic artist i seem to have become more artistic….lol

  328. James Homer says:

    Hi Jeff and team,
    Have a great Christmas! Great blog and superb products…would love to win some more. And thanks for featuring a couple of my pictures on the previous post!

  329. Ellen Siders says:

    I’ve used Eye Candy 6 for over a year and it’s an irreplaceable and must-have tool in my process of illustration. It’s plug-ins let me achieve amazing things that would have been prohibitively difficult and time-consuming without your filter set. Thanks much, and I look forward to what plug-ins your efforts product in the future.

  330. Street Designer says:

    Will write in blogs for a free app :-)

  331. josh-g says:

    thanks for the shot at the giveaway

  332. Light & Love says:

    reason: I simply LOVE and adore your stuff and use it every day.
    And for the same reason it is an honour for me to pay for it.

    -may your special creative guardian angel be with you, always ^i^

  333. Sam Collins says:

    Great Products! Could use some more that I don’t have.

  334. Amy Collins says:

    I’d love another of your wonderful products!!

  335. Harland Buis says:

    I use Alien Skin products and really enjoy working with them, they’re good, solid products.

  336. Damon McCoy says:

    Check out my new novel “The Stratocaster” on my website http://www.damonmccoy.com and see my cover design done with the help of Eye Candy of course.


  337. peter says:

    having learnt photoshop to a degree, it is now time to check out the alienskin plugins, and your offer is too good to miss

  338. Guy says:

    What a fantastic Christmas gift!

  339. Love your products and use them almost everyday. Thank You for making the graphic limitations of the computer slowly disappear with your phenomenal software. Don’t know what I’d do with out it. Merry Christmas & God Bless :o)

  340. Erin says:

    Would LOVE an update to Splat!

  341. Eric F says:

    I would love free Alien Skin everything.

  342. John Seymour says:

    Exposure 3 is probably one of the best plugins on the market at the moment…

  343. GideanT says:

    I love your software! What a wonderful gift this would be…..Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays!

  344. Jan Zeman says:

    Hello there, really nice gift…

  345. Amanda R says:

    Loooooove your products! The photo bundle is on my wishlist for Santa!

  346. Victor Still says:

    Randomly chose me, please.

  347. used your fine products for years-you are constantly updating and keeping things fresh. Thank you

  348. Donna says:

    I would love to learn how to use any of your products.

  349. Richard Balcom says:

    I’ll give it a try!

  350. Derek says:

    love the product

    Keep up the good work

  351. Neal Walters says:

    I use Alien Skin plugins a lot and particularly appreciate the Eye Candy upgrade to the 64-bit version.

  352. Jose L Urena says:

    I own Exposure 2 and Snap Art 1, and would live to win and get the new Exposure 3 or Snap Art 2!!

  353. Connie Brobeck says:

    My husband would LOVE to have more of your products!
    Cheers! Connie

  354. Mark Serfass says:

    What a way to end the year – with a great give away! I’ll be checking my mail on Friday!!

  355. Hey, You guys are wonderful. Love the plug-ins.
    — Patrick

  356. James Yackley says:

    I really enjoyed Bokeh! I do not have have this product yet, but soon hope to! Was able to use it on friends system while using it in CS4.. ;( Good luck to everyone!

  357. You guys were my first and a no one forgets their first – encounter with plug-in magic. I admit I haven’t been faithful but I have been loyal and brag about you being “the best”.

  358. I LOVE Bokeh.

  359. I can feel the Photo Bundle coming my way now – I own several of these great products but need some updated… or maybe something else… come to daddy!

  360. Henry Belloso says:

    As an artistic photographer I was attracted to Snap Art 2 to add a new dimension to my photos; after trying the filters for some time some friends asked me to have some prints made for them on canvas to decorate their homes, the most popular effect is Impasto. This photo adventure is only starting for now I am intrigued to discover what other tools you have to improve my hobby.

  361. me me me! pick me!! I love alien skin and what it has done to my workflow! I have exposure 3, and It is amazing. Another product would be so exciting!!

  362. Alan Wentworth says:

    I’ve used your software for years, for both Photoshop and After Effects. Your software is always top notch, and you have the best customer support around. Thanks for that.

  363. MICKY says:

    Merry Christmas, I like your software.

  364. Kevin G says:

    Thanks for this opportunity .

    Merry Christmas

  365. Kevin Gibbons says:

    Merry Christmas
    to all

  366. Torben says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  367. Sheldon Eastman says:

    Sign me up

  368. John Tietgens says:

    Great idea.

  369. I have taught Web Design a Development at a community college for many years, and neither I nor my students can say enough about Alien Skin software, in particular Eye Candy. My classes employ Eye Candy for every project, and most of the students go on to purchase their own. It’s so refreshing to see the eyes of a budding Webmasteer light up when they see the many stunning possibilities available from Eye Candy. They and I love it!

  370. Zahiyya says:

    This would help tremendously editing photo’s for the web. I see using my photo bundle software now!

  371. DBurns says:

    I purchased Eye Candy 6 and Xenofex 2. Both these products have been awesome tools professionally and personally. They have made my job easier with just a few clicks. Your support with issues has also been great. I love these products keep up the tremendous work!