Portrait Enhancement Video

Strategic blur can do remarkable things for a photo. It can either imply a sense of movement and action, or it can evoke stillness, peace, and focus.

I used blur to my advantage in a recent tutorial video. I combined a blur effect from Bokeh with a simulated film effect from Exposure to change a photo’s mood. Although the effects are subtle, the results are significant.

Robert Hamilton let us use his photo of Jillian Rabe for the video. Thanks Robert and Jillian!

YouTube Preview Image

About Jimmy

Jimmy does marketing at Alien Skin, he's also the video tutorial chef.
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4 Responses to Portrait Enhancement Video

  1. Mary Joan says:

    Dear Jimmy,

    I have Exposure 4 and trying to find out how you get that High key 40′s or 50′s look. I have tried to archive this effect and can not find it. Can you email me the steps to get this effect. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    Mary Joan Wright

  2. Karen Egan says:

    Hi, I am trial-ing Exposure 5 and Bokeh at the moment. Can you apply effects to just a portion of the image? I love what it can do and all your products. Keep it up!

    Regards, Karen

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