Photoshop Tutorials

Most of our videos are specific to our software, but some of them also cover Photoshop tips. Here are a few of our videos that cover Photoshop techniques.

This tutorial shows how to make and run a batch action in Photoshop.

YouTube Preview Image


The video below shows how to edit your images non-destructively using duplicate layers or smart objects.

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This one uses Photoshop Extended to edit a video file.

YouTube Preview Image


This one shows how to use the color gradient editor found in some Eye Candy filters such as Gradient Glow and Fire. Photoshop’s gradient editor works the same way.

YouTube Preview Image


Lastly, this video contains shortcut keys and navigation tips for zooming and panning around the preview image. The majority of these techniques work in Photoshop too.

YouTube Preview Image

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Jimmy does marketing at Alien Skin, he's also the video tutorial chef.
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6 Responses to Photoshop Tutorials

  1. Does Blow up 3 have the Gallery Wrap function that Blow Up 2 had?

  2. If I upgrade to Blow Up 3 from Blow Up 2 do I need to uninstall Blow Up 2 before installing Blow Up 3?

    • Jimmy says:

      Hi Greg,

      No you don’t have to uninstall your version of Blow Up 2 in order to install the new version. Both versions will be available in the file>automate menu as well as in the filter menu in Photoshop.

  3. Matt says:

    Can you access the gallery wrap function directly from within Lightroom? Would be nice if the gallery function was included in the main interface instead of being separated like it is.

    • Jeff says:

      Sorry Matt, but the gallery wrap feature is a Photoshop panel, so it can only be used in Photoshop. I agree that is not good for our growing population of Lightroom users. We will look into making it more convenient in version 4, but that will probably be a while.

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