OS X Mavericks Updates


If you installed OS X Mavericks and are having trouble with Exposure 5, Eye Candy 7, Blow Up 3, Snap Art 3, or Bokeh 2, please take a moment to install the latest version. There was a compatibility problem that required us to release updates.

Our older applications work well with Mavericks, with the exception of Exposure 4, which requires that you turn off App Nap to work correctly. There are instructions for doing this in our support article on the issue.

About Finley

Finley Lee is the CEO of Alien Skin Software.
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2 Responses to OS X Mavericks Updates

  1. James Campos says:


    Question… did you guys once handle Xeno2Fex?

    If so… is it discontinued? I just upgraded to EyeCandy 7 to get it to work with PS CC.

    Xeno has the same issue… and can’t see to find where I got it from… could have sworn it was through Alien Skin… ??


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