Macro Magic

When you’re after something specific you call in a specialist. So if you want water drop photography, you call Corrie White.

These delicate creations were made with a great deal of patience, and according to Corrie, luck. With nothing more than a dark basement and a medicine dropper, she creates some of the most unique liquid sculptures you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Three years ago she started photographing droplets in her home made studio. Since then, Corrie’s become an expert on mixing chemistry for different effects. She routinely blends up concoctions using different additives to vary liquid thickness, color, and viscosity, which varies the splash’s behavior. This form of art may be unpredictable, but the results speak for themselves.

Below is just a taste of what she has available. Take a look at Corrie’s website and her Flickr photostream for more.

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Jimmy does marketing at Alien Skin, he's also the video tutorial chef.
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One Response to Macro Magic

  1. Keith says:

    These pictures of the droplets are absolutely mind boggling. Superb work. Just love the colours, texture and overall finish. Great stuff.

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