Mac OS 10.7 Lion Compatibility

For the past few months we have been checking compatibility of our current products with early versions of Mac OS 10.7 (also known as Lion). The only problems are with the eye droppers in the color pickers of Exposure 3 and Snap Art 2. If you own either of those Mac products, then install the latest version of Exposure 3 from here or Snap Art 2 from here.

For everyone else, don’t do anything. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Like my lion drawing? Meow!

About Jeff

Jeff Butterworth is the founder of Alien Skin Software. He used to create the products, but now he does marketing and gets coffee for the programmers.
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2 Responses to Mac OS 10.7 Lion Compatibility

  1. Dean says:

    Always love reading your blog. I usually stop in every morning with my morning coffee! Exposure 3 and Bokeh 2 are two programs that I couldn’t live without. Cheers and keep up the great work!!!


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