Flickr in October

Here are a few awesome shots added to our flickr group last month. Great work everybody! I look forward to see what’s added next month.

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Jimmy does marketing at Alien Skin, he's also the video tutorial chef.
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5 Responses to Flickr in October

  1. Ricky R Green says:

    I downloaded the Snap Art 3 and I like the results. I will be buying the full version.

    Ricky R Green

  2. teresa vigil says:

    Hey I was wondering if you knwo how to get the look of portra 800 in exposures 3? or if your makign a exposure 4 soon? thanks a ton, LOVE eth the product! teresa

    • RobertL says:

      Hi Teresa,

      If you are trying to recreate the Portra 800 effect in Exposure 3 you can use the Kodak Portra 400VC. Then you can increase the Cyan and add to the grain to get a similar effect.


  3. Kenny Driscoll says:

    Jimmy great choices. I am always honored to see my pics in the picks, but even when mine are not the pics picked by the pic picker, the pics picked are still always great. This month I really like three in picticular… sorry I meant particular, those being the first pic (with the guy on the bench at the beach), the pic with what looks like colorlored lightbulbs on a deck of some sort, maybe a ship), and the pic of the girl that is barly visable, if a preset could be put into any of your upcoming programs to give that ghosted effect to pics, it would become one of those presets that is used, and used, and used until it is worn out (can you wear out a preset? JK lol ) congrats on another great month of great pics picking hats off to the picker. Keep up the good work.

    Man do I hope you see the humor in my post (otherwise you’ll think I’m crazy and i’ll spend another 72 hours with the men in white coats)

    Kenny D

    • Jimmy says:

      Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for the complements. My job as ‘pict-picker’ is getting tougher and tougher. There is a lot of great stuff in the Alien Skin Software Flickr group. Yours included.

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