Exposure 4 on Fotoup.net

Amedeo Novelli published a fantastic review of Exposure on fotoup.net. The review is in Italian, so the links in this post go to an English translation from Google.

Along with the review, he made an interesting example project called The Time Machine. For the project, he made modern-day lingerie photos travel back through time simply by applying basic Exposure presets.

There are many excellent before and after images in the review. Below are just a few of the finals. Check out the article for more.

Color film Vintage Autochrome Preset
Black and White film Vintage Lith Preset
Color film Kodak Ultra Color 100 UC Preset

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2 Responses to Exposure 4 on Fotoup.net

  1. Doug James says:

    Since I’ve bought Exposure, I have spent countless hours experimenting with different filters either straight up or as a combo of more than one and never tire doing so.
    I have noticed though that some of the filters required the original photo to be set up with either more or less lighting and I was wondering if anyone could provide some info as to how they’ve shot with a certain filter in mind?

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