Combining effects with Keith Hall

Keith has a knack for making awesome art with a few simple Eye Candy effects.

The Chrome effect was used to make the gold details on the plaques below. Learn how to make your own custom gold effects in Eye Candy from this article.

When combining several Eye Candy effects on a single piece, make sure they all use the same light direction. For example, the light in the example below is coming from the upper-left. It can be seen in both the drop shadow and the highlights on the chrome.

If the highlights and shadows change between components, the image can look flat and unconvincing.

Keith’s color choices are attractive. In the example below, the light blue Weave effects work well with the orange-brown accents, their complementary color. It’s easy to find a complementary color in Photoshop. Just use the invert command to view the opposing shade; ⌘+I on the Mac, Ctrl+I on the PC.

We worked with Keith when we were developing Eye Candy 7. He’s a famous drummer! Remember Pickettywitch’s hit “I Still Get That Same Old Feeling?” He played a part in it. Check out the video if you can’t remember the melody. Learn more about his music here.

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3 Responses to Combining effects with Keith Hall

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  2. eva says:


    I’ve tried to contact someone (even in Germany) to find out if the new Alien Skin Pack is compatible with Photoshop 7; I would like to purchase it if that is the case.
    Unfortunately the person in Germany did not know and I never got through to your office, even having phoned a few times. All I want to know is if it compatible with PHOTOSHOP 7.
    Hopefully I will get a reply…?,

    kind regards,

    • Robert says:


      I’m very sorry for the trouble you had reaching us. We do out best to be lightning quick with our support. When you say Photoshop 7, do you mean the old version of original Photoshop 7, or CS7. Since they are starting the beta for CS7, we’ll need to know. If it’s the old version 7, then no, none of our products will be compatible. If you have the beta for CS7, or are on the list, then they will likely work. We have not yet upgraded everything for CS7 compatibility, but we will before it’s released.

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