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B&W with Tony Sweet

Tony Sweet produces great photography work. In the article below, he illustrates how he makes Exposure’s black and white controls work to his advantage. The remainder of this article is from him. — Exposure is the best film emulation software … Continue reading

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Photoshop Blend Modes

Blend modes are extremely useful. Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood. This feature of Photoshop can make editing much easier. I recommend that you make it part of your everyday toolkit. In a nutshell, blend modes control how colors mix. Most … Continue reading

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Portrait Enhancement Video

Strategic blur can do remarkable things for a photo. It can either imply a sense of movement and action, or it can evoke stillness, peace, and focus. I used blur to my advantage in a recent tutorial video. I combined … Continue reading

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Photographing Birds at Home

I need a break from hiking through marshes in the winter to photograph birds. For now, I’m trying to make the birds come to my house. Location You can try sneaking up on birds in your yard, but you’ll have … Continue reading

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Cloudy Day Photography

A rainy day recently started out as a miserable photography experience, but in the end turned out great. First I discovered that there were herons nearby. That perked up my spirits and made me wonder about ways to take advantage of … Continue reading

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Combining effects with Keith Hall

Keith has a knack for making awesome art with a few simple Eye Candy effects. The Chrome effect was used to make the gold details on the plaques below. Learn how to make your own custom gold effects in Eye Candy from … Continue reading

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It’s always a good day to shoot.

Recently we had a lot of cold, cloudy, rainy weather. Each morning a voice in my head said, “There’s no light out there for photography. Everything is dead in the winter. Stay in bed!” But then I had some strong … Continue reading

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Layer Masks in Photoshop

I just finished a Photoshop tutorial about layer masks. Most of the emphasis in the video is on Photoshop even though I do mention our products. If you’ve ever had questions about layer masks in Photoshop, this video will help … Continue reading

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Great Blue Heron

I discovered a small population of Great Blue Heron while getting to know my telephoto lens. They live year round at Lake Crabtree here in Raleigh, NC. It was fun learning how to approach close enough for a good shot … Continue reading

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Furry Text Video

I just put the finishing touches on a video about making furry text with Eye Candy 7.  It’s easy to do with the Animal Fur effect. Check out the video below to learn how to give your text a good hair … Continue reading

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