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Exposure 5 Film Noir Video

Learn how to replicate the look of a classic Film Noir crime drama scene with Exposure 5. Using the controls in the Tone Curve panel, you can make adjustments to make the image more dark and mysterious, bring back some … Continue reading

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Blending Effects in Photoshop

Blending modes are one of Photoshop’s many powerful tools. I’ve written about them before. If you missed it, check out the article. This time, let’s take blending modes a step further by using them to blend effects. Here’s a procedure for … Continue reading

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Exposure 5 Split Toning Video

Introducing color tones to an image is a simple process in Exposure. The controls are intuitive, easy to control, and fun to play around with. Toning effects mirror the behavior of color-toning chemicals used during the days of darkroom photography. It’s … Continue reading

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Exposure 5 Quick Start with Tony Sweet

Tony shares his opinions on the new version of Exposure in the article below. Thanks Tony! —- Exposure 5 is smokin’! The presets are outstanding; they can be infinitely adjusted and can be saved as personalized presets. The UI is easily … Continue reading

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Vintage Fashion Video

Here’s a brand new video hot off the press. In this tutorial, Exposure is used to create a vintage style similar to what was found in fashion ads from the 30′s and 40′s. There are plenty of historic film tidbits … Continue reading

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Steve Campbell talks Snap Art

Steve Campbell wrote a nice review of Snap Art on his blog. He shares plenty of specifics and opinions, and he provides a bunch of good-looking example images. The article documents his editing process in a similar format to a … Continue reading

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Eye Candy Update: Preset Sharing and Photoshop CC Compatibility

Today we released an update to Eye Candy 7. It adds the capability to store presets in a cloud storage folder so that they can be synchronized between multiple computers. Preset sharing works with popular file sharing services like Dropbox, … Continue reading

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Insects in Flight

Recently I’ve been having fun taking photos of insects in flight. It is difficult, but rewarding when it works. You can buy fancy motion triggers, but I’m interested in techniques that use the normal equipment I usually carry. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Exposure Light Effects Video

Some of the fun new features in Exposure 5 are the Light Effects. They’re part of the texture overlays feature. Jeff wrote an article describing the new the Borders & Textures features last month. These overlays can add retro character to your … Continue reading

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Chris Wieck’s Snap Art Tips

Chris routinely turns out beautiful artworks using Snap Art. The secret to his success isn’t fancy layer masks or technical mumbo-jumbo. Most of the time, he sticks to Snap Art basics, and it just works. I asked him to share … Continue reading

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