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To Flickr from Snap Art

Built into Snap Art 3′s interface is a handy feature for uploading to Flickr. You can upload directly to your photostream without leaving Snap Art. Now you won’t have to use your internet browser to share your creations with friends. … Continue reading

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Snap Art Ad – Mom and Daughter

We are making many different full page magazine ads for Snap Art 3. Here I’ll walk you through how Tom Welsh made the art for one of them. Tom is the creator of Snap Art and remains the lead programmer. … Continue reading

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Snap Art 3 Makes an Appearance

Tyson Robichaud just published his first experiences with Snap Art 3. Head over to his blog to hear what he thinks. The article is so thorough and gives so many examples that it is an excellent introduction to the product. … Continue reading

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Here are some Snap Art 3 treatments of the Eiger. I shot the photo on a recent trip to Switzerland. They each just took a few minutes of trying presets and then tweaking the sliders. On some I made a … Continue reading

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Snap Art About Box

Jimmy has been doing a great job with our about boxes lately. He made the latest using chocolates from Escazu that are little works of art. I hate to eat them because they are so intricately beautiful, but of course … Continue reading

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I installed Snap Art 3 but don’t see it!

After installing, Snap Art 3 can be found in Photoshop’s menu Filter>Alien Skin. In the past we gave each product it’s own menu, such as Filter>Alien Skin Snap Art 2. We did that because our products each consisted of many filters, … Continue reading

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Snap Art 3 Released

Snap Art 3 is ready now! It was planned for August, but we burned the midnight oil to finish early. Let us show you what it can do, try it for yourself, or purchase. Here is a small taste of … Continue reading

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Mac OS 10.7 Lion Compatibility

For the past few months we have been checking compatibility of our current products with early versions of Mac OS 10.7 (also known as Lion). The only problems are with the eye droppers in the color pickers of Exposure 3 … Continue reading

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Snap Art 3 on the way

Snap Art 3 will be available in August 2011. For those of you new to Snap Art, it quickly turns photos into works of art that look handmade. When it is ready we will announce it here, on our home … Continue reading

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Valdo Peixoto’s Technique

Recently I wrote an article on Valdo Peixoto’s work that uses Snap Art. Valdo was kind enough to explain how he creates these beautiful results.

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