Bumpy Photo

In January of this year, Casio debuted a new process for turning 2D images into 3D sculptures. Bumpy Photo, based out of Portland, Oregon is using this 3D printing technology to create a remarkable product. I need one of these 3D printers.

Here is a video demonstrating their cool new product.  YouTube Preview Image


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2 Responses to Bumpy Photo

  1. David Travagliante says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am interested in one of two things, first is I have a business where I hand cut stone and chip the
    edges, add a 3×4 in picture on it , then hand paint the sides to match the picture and then seal it all and sell the said item for desk top pictures.
    My questions are–( 1 ) –can I buy a 3D printer that will ever so little raise, say a face but not the whole picture so I could see if that might work out for a new style creation or ( 2 ) –is there someone you know that can do this without costing me a arm and a leg which would price me out of what I wish to do. ——-Please advise.

    Thank you,
    David Travagliante

    • Robert says:

      If you are using Stone, most likely not. 3d printers that will do this kind of thing are extremely expensive. I would contact the company that made bumpy photo to find out what kind of equipment they use.

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