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Jeff Butterworth is the founder of Alien Skin Software. He used to create the products, but now he does marketing and gets coffee for the programmers.

The Best Features are Invisible

When improving a product, many people have an instinct to add features that grab your attention. This usually involves new buttons and sliders. It’s easy to show off that kind of feature, but it’s often bad for the product. Every … Continue reading

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Exposure for Portraits

On our Facebook page Dave Butler asked this question. We get this often, so it’s worthy of a blog post. Question Which combination of films in Exposure 3 or 4 could work to emulate Vericolor, either Print or Slide? Answer … Continue reading

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20 Best Photoshop Plug-ins

Creative Bloq is a web site that provides daily design tips and inspiration. I’m pleased as punch that they included Exposure, Eye Candy, and Blow Up in their list of the 20 Best Photoshop Plug-ins. Exposure is #1! I’m not … Continue reading

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If you are a fan of and use an iOS device then there are apps for that. They have been out for a while, but I just discovered them, so I’m spreading the word. Both apps are free. There … Continue reading

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Pintograph is an app for the iPhone and iPad that draws complex artwork. This is a fun side project, so for now it is free in the App Store. We hope you enjoy it! Here are some samples of art … Continue reading

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Draw outside the lines!

Our first product was Eye Candy and it was successful because it figuratively and literally drew outside the lines. The lines in question are the “marching ants” at the edge of a selection in Photoshop. In 1993, filters were not allowed to … Continue reading

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Even more great Exposure 4 reviews

Exposure 4 continues to inspire glowing reviews. I’m glad that reviewers are focusing on the features we worked on the most: realistic new looks, speed, and user interface. Martin Taylor created some attractive examples in his article at The Candid … Continue reading

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Using our tools on travel photos

I’m going to share a few ideas for how to use our software tools in travel photography. For more travel topics, see my recent article on low key travel photography and photogenic destinations. Exposure: Old Looks Exposure has many presets … Continue reading

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Communicating with Clients

I ran across a story of a bride who was dissatisfied with her wedding photos. What is the lesson from this experience? It’s not, “Take better photos.” We all know we should learn more about our craft and do a good … Continue reading

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Exposure Reviews

Two extremely clear and thoughtful reviews of Exposure recently came out from Lee Morris of Fstoppers and Hugh John of Merlin John Online. If you aren’t already an Exposure fan, then take a look. The Lee Morris review has a … Continue reading

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