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Asdiel converts morning coffee into lines and lines of source code for your enjoyment.

Giant Pintograph Robot

Dave Kaandorp built a giant rendition of our Pintograph app. An airbrush demonstration spurred his inspiration. He was amazed that such beautiful artwork could be created with such a simple tool. As a self-proclaimed terrible painter, he thought to build a machine that could automate … Continue reading

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Pintograph update

In case you didn’t read the original article, Pintograph is a fun side project I created for generating complex line art. It is a free iPhone and iPad app. Version 1.5 is now in the app store. The update adds a couple … Continue reading

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Texture Fun

Nature is based on a small set of rules. Everything around us is made of pretty much the same stuff, but arranged in an infinite number of different combinations that nature has had the patience of putting together. Enter the … Continue reading

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Light Painting

Ethereal light painting pictures, links, and tips on how to do it yourself. Continue reading

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